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Bhie-Cie Ledesma - Shoshone and Washoe

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Bhie-Cie Ledesma, MPH       Shoshone/Washoe                                               

Named by her Te-Moak Shoshone great-grandmother, Bhie-Cie means hummingbird in the Shoshone language. Bhie-Cie Ledesma is Shoshone and Washoe and resides on the Hungry Valley Indian Reservation just outside Reno, NV.

She was born and raised in Reno, NV, and spent 10 years living in Oklahoma where she attended Bacone College and Northeastern State University before earning her master’s degree in Public Health Policy and Administration from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. During this time, she engaged with the diverse Oklahoma Native community and solidified her passion for wearable art; specifically ribbon skirts and patchwork pieces.

Bhie-Cie enjoys the balance of intellect and creativity. Her art emerges from the heart and integrates with her craft inspired by her love of colors, nature, and symbolism. Bhie-Cie composes colors and textures to design original and one-of-a kind pieces.

In 2016, she started Desert Hummingbird Designs, a sewing and design business, where she sells her artistry: ribbon skirts, ribbon shirts, jingle dresses, grass dance regalia, fancy dance sets, traditional-style ribbon dresses, bags, graduation stoles, and other projects. Each of her pieces is created with love and attention to detail, as well as being inspired by her dreams.