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Dolores Purdy - Caddo/Winnebago

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Dolores Purdy - Caddo/ Winnebago                                                                                   
   Warrior Art” is a common description of the Ledger Art style, and was considered a male art form in the past.  For nearly 2 decades, I have followed the gender specific traditional art form by using the same medium of antique paper and color pencils, only creating a contemporary version from a female perspective.  My work veers far from the usual imagery typically seen in most contemporary ledger art.  The images can be humorous or serious while immersed in Native American heritage, iconography and pop-culture.  Peter Maxx and the psychedelic pop-art movement has been an influence in my art work as well as the Art Deco movement and Japanese textiles.  My images may represent Bison hunters riding past colorful tipis, or bright Cadillacs racing across the page.  Tongue-in-cheek humor, bright colors, and vivid whimsical imagery is my way to stand out from the other ledger artists as well as honoring the ancestors.