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Ear of Corn brooch

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Price: $49.00

Item Number: 6885
Manufacturer: Trovelore
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Corn or Maize, as it is commonly called, has an amazing legacy. All corn plants arise from a single domestication in south Mexico about 9000 years ago. So next time you admire the pea size grains immaculately aligned, almost unnaturally, remember that they have a pedigree that is flawless.
In 2005, research by the USDA Forest Service suggested that the rise in maize cultivation 500 to 1,000 years ago in what is now the southeastern United States corresponded with a decline of freshwater mussels, which are very sensitive to environmental changes.

Size : 5 cm x 2" l, 2.7 cm x 1" w

Material : Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads; Hand embroidered

Handmade in India.

Produced in Small Batches by Artisans.