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Ear of Corn ornament

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Manufacturer: Old World Christmas
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The Seminoles tell the story of the Corn Lady.  She could rub corn kernals from her legs to feed her adpoted (stolen in ths case) son.  When he discovered how she was feeding him she told the young man the truth and sent him back to his people.  They wanted to know where he had been so he took them back to where the old woman's cabin had been.  In its place was a field of corn, her last gift to her stolen son. 
Others say that the ears were once as long as the corn stalks and yielded five thousand kernels each. Legend claims that a careless woman wasted the beautiful corn, and the stalks then stopped producing. Through prayers the corn returned, but in smaller size as a reminder not to take blessings for granted.
Which ever is true corn has been a staple of life in the Americas for thousands of years.