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Escape to the Everglades

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Set against the backdrop of the 1830s Seminole War, this is the story of Running Boy of the Snake Clan of the Seminoles who has lived with his uncle in the Everglades since his mother, a Seminole, and his father, a white man, were taken by the Breath Maker.

Now he is fourteen and has received his adult name, Will Cypress, at the annual Green Corn Dance. In the eyes of his tribe Will is now a man, and he is eager to prove his courage as a warrior against the U.S. Army in the Seminole War.

This classic has long been taugh to Florida's 4 grade students as they learn their state's history and that of the original people.

"Escape to the Everglades exposes the relationship between the coexistence of the Indian and white cultures in Florida during the late 1830s. Students will enrich their study of Florida's history by reading a touching novel which brings the Second Seminole War to life through the eyes of a proud teenage boy who values traditions." --Bonnie S. Kelley, Supervisor, Library Media/Technology, Pinellas County Schools

Age Group: Preschool - 12