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Jack and Wendell Pettigrew - Chickasaw

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Jack and Wendell Pettigrew                 Chickasaw                                          

Jack and Wendell Pettigrew are Chickasaw artists/craftsmen specializing in authentic Native American arts and crafts.  They are sons of an original Chickasaw enrollee.  They currently reside in Ada, Oklahoma, Pontotoc District of the Chickasaw Nation.

Their  interests are varied including   mixed media arts and crafts, and music.   They  enjoy working in several motifs  and mixed media such as,  native flutes, calumets (peace pipes), silversmithing, sculpture, painting, carved eggs, and wood crafts.

They  developed their skills  as  self-taught artists, and are considered  master artists/craftsmen in several genres. Using   modern and traditional methods, they create quality authentic  Native American traditional and commercial  art.

They have participated in many open and juried shows and festivals over the years  including local, regional, and national shows.  They are award winning artists and  have taught art classes, conducted demonstration seminars, and   exhibited in various galleries. Patrons of  thier work are public and private collectors from  the U.S., Japan, Germany, and France.  

Currently, their interest in the arts is concentrating on developing and making a unique style of authentic Native American flute and calumet. 

In flute making, they only started recently as a commercial venture.  They  made the small flutes as kids, but not the larger flutes. They have always had an interest in flutes, but we were too involved in too many other activities. Now in their later years, they have more time to devote to flute making.

They  stated "In traveling, we found that there are many excellent flute makers, but there seemed to be a lack of Authentic Native American flute craftsmen. Whether or not this is true we don't know. We have noticed, however, an absence of authentic Native flutes in many retail shops and galleries that we have visited. In showing our work, we try to teach and promote Native American culture, especially our Chickasaw heritage. When you buy something from us, or just stop for a visit; you  must also listen to a sometimes brief  native story."


"We hope to fill a cultural void and offer a quality authentic Native American flute that anyone can be proud to own.".

 “When you see one of our handmade flutes or pipes, you will definitely know that it is one of ours”.