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John & MaryBeth Timothy - Muscogee Creek (John) and Cherokee (MaryBeth)

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John and MaryBeth Timothy - Moonhawk Art     Muscogee Creek (John) and Cherokee (MaryBeth)

John and MaryBeth are both multimedia artists who overall feature an array of subjects and themes in their art. They are also predominately self-taught. John's clever wit is seen in many of his pieces, when he focuses on Native American humor reflected from family stories and memories of his childhood. MaryBeth leans more towards her love of
wildlife. Through her work, she shares her affinity for Oklahoma wild birds, animals and wildflowers. They have traveled and participated in art shows and other venues around the country, winning many awards along the way.


Presently, the Timothys are not only creating new original art, but now do their own printing. They offer their images on a variety of items, such as ceramic decorative tiles, coffee mugs, mousepads and even cuff bracelets to name a few.