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The Seminole Struggle

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The Seminole Struggle: A History of America's Longest Indian War
From the authors:
When we published our initial work on the Seminole Wars in 2004, we lamented the fact that such an important series of events was widely unknown to the American public in general and to the majority of Floridians. Not that we should have been surprised: The war was fought in one small corner of the nation and therefore of little concern to Americans as a whole, and most Floridians weren’t born in the state and would have had little opportunity to learn about the wars. Yet it shouldn’t have been that way. The Seminole Wars were a major conflict for the nation and arguably one of the most formative events for the State of Florida. The Indian Wars of the American West are famous worldwide, yet the Seminole Wars were bigger than any western Indian war. The foundations for most of Florida’s great cities are a result of the Seminole Wars, yet few of those cities’ residents are aware of the fact. It was an historical oversight we felt was in need of correction.

Authors John and Mary Lou Missall have approached these wars in a refreshingly different manner, avoiding the limitations of a military history." "A valuable and interesting book on a major period in the development of the Sunshine State. In a saga filed with double-dealings and atrocities, neither the Americans nor the Seminoles come through these pages as villains but rather human beings caught in conflicts with no happy endings."

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