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What We Have Endured: A Novel of the Seminole Wars

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What We Have Endured tells the story of the Seminole Wars through the eyes of Aheedja, a Seminole woman who suffers through nearly a half-century of brutal warfare, forced displacement, and painful deprivation. Determined to remain in the land of their birth, she and her people struggle against the unforgiving Florida climate and the overwhelming military might of the United States government.

Written by noted Seminole War historians and a senior tribal member, What We Have Endured faithfully follows the history of America’s longest and costliest war against a Native American nation. Although Aheedja is a fictional character, the sufferings depicted are typical of what many Seminole people experienced at the hands of a nation determined to drive them from their homes and destroy their way of life.

More than a tale of warfare, What We Have Endured also examines the culture Aheedja was striving to preserve. Ancient customs, strength of family, and meaningful ceremonies all help Aheedja and the Seminole people face the loss of home, loved ones, possessions, and even hope, as they continue the struggle to remain unconquered.

Willie Johns was Chief Justice of the Seminole Tribal Court System; he held a B.A. in History from Palm Beach Atlantic University, an M.A. in History from the University of Miami, and was a tribal historian.  John and Mary Lou Missall are historians who have written extensively on Seminole War subjects, including three full-length histories, two award-winning novels, and two biographies.